Business Consultation

Business consulting can take many forms, but at its core, effective counsel should draw from proven expertise and a history of successful results. We act as a sounding board, helping you look beyond the micro economics of your company to identify trends and changes affecting your business or industry. From there, we help you set goals, establish performance measures and work with you as an advisor or a CFO, depending on your company’s condition, size and opportunities.

Business Entity Selection

Determining how best to organize your business based on your corporate and individual needs may have long-term tax implications. At Hamilton Juffer, we can help you evaluate ownership types — “S” corp, “C” corp, limited liability corporation, partnership and sole proprietorship— and determine which best fits your situation and objectives. We’ll also assist you in setting up your company and monitoring important benchmarks such as filing annual reports, preparing quarterly tax estimates and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Finding the right business partner or acquisition can be as difficult a task as finding a needle in a haystack. Our professional relationships with legal, finance and business firms can help you identify acquisition opportunities and seal the deal when you find the right company. We assist you with mergers and acquisitions by evaluating such critical deal elements as product, service, structure and culture compatibility; competitive tactics and position; financial impact; cash flow implications and tax considerations.